True Hunters are wildlife biologist!

There are a few in our sport that practice tactics that give us all a black eye, but the reality of it is a true hunter is a true conservationists and a wildlife biologist.  I make this point because the more passionate we get about the game we pursue, the more we study their habits slowly becoming experts.  Early on we just want to learn their movement patterns, and what they eat.  Then we graduate to why they move and not just what they eat but what are the benefits of the different food sources.  And before you know it we are at some shape or form managing a herd.

As a biologist we need to keep one thing in mind, in nature timing is everything!  I have been working for the past two months in preparation for the upcoming deer season.  First order to hang and prep stands so the deer can get comfortable with them, it takes time.  This week I moved into planting food plots, again its the timing, we have had a lot of rain.  This allowed for good soil moisture and better growing conditions, so I planted a little early.  As I move toward the hunt we track movement on cameras to find movement habits.  I will watch the moon phase as I have seen heavier movement when the moon directly is overhead or underfoot. I will check sunrise times and slide in before sunrise.  Checking and doing all these things, will help me be in the right place at the right time to be more successful at seeing deer.  Then it gets back to the timing and knowing the animal that I am after.  I need to know the most used paths or directions of travel. I need to know body movements and what they mean.  I need to know when I can move and when to draw my bow.  I need to know the proper time to take the shot for a quick and ethical harvest.  Finally I need to know how long to wait to get down to allow the animal to expire so I do not push it.

In nature timing is everything. As men we wear many hats:husband, father, friend, boss, co-worker. Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”  God has a plan and a purpose for your life. The real question is, will you be ready when its your time?

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