Product review – Darton Demon


Through an association with a hunting opportunity, I was asked to put down my existing bow and take up a different brand Darton, that is a show sponsor. I have to admit at first I was reluctant and said no, I’ll use my existing set up.  However after our initial discussion, I began my research of this brand.  I live in the upstate of South Carolina and this is a brand that we only see in a few ads here and there. What I found was interesting to me, this bow manufacturer had been around for some time and had some very diehard followers along with great reviews of their new products. I had no local dealers, so when i finally decided to give it a shot (pun intended) I had so make my decision based solely on bow specs. Most of the time my style of hunting is in tight spots and in natural ground blinds so a compact bow with great performance is what i was after.  I found what I was looking for in the specs of the Darton Demon.

I placed my order online and waited somewhat patiently for it to arrive.  Within a week I had my bow, which impressed me.(A had a bow shop for a few years and as a dealer it would take me longer to get most bows.) I really liked the compact size of this bow 30″ axle to axle but with a very forgiving 7″ brace height, it makes it perfect for shooting in tight spots. I did a quick set up of some accessories I had on my bench and went straight out to shoot. Within 5 shots at 20yds I was stacking arrows. I was pleasantly surprised, what i did not expect was the arrow speed this bow produced and how quietly it did it, I could not ask for more of a bow with these specs. I have had this bow for about a couple weeks now and it has proven to be a great shooter.

A little technical information on this bow: 30″ axle to axle, 7″ brace height, draw length adjustment from 27″-30″ in 1/2″ increments(it is possible to adjust without a press) and an adjustable draw stop, 80% let off, and 330-335 FPS.  The finish on Darton bows are Krypteck camo, I got mine in Highlander.

All in all this bow is “Built to Hunt” as the brands motto states. My bow season opens this Friday and I look forward to the fun I will have with my Demon in hand!



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