Is it bow season yet?

It's the first of July and what are you doing to make the upcoming deer season a successful one?  I have complied a short list of what I consider important task, for a bow hunter, that need to be addressed in order to be ready opening day.

  1. Get your bow checked out!
    1. Don't wait until a few days before opening day to get it out, it may be too late.  Look for string wear, cut serving, and make sure it is tuned and properly sighted. Check sight light batteries, d-loops, any part that could cause an issue, get it repaired now.
  2. Check your arrows!
    1.  Test the spine, look for visible cracks or fractures, loose fletching, cracked nocks, loose inserts.
  3.  Practice!
    1. I recommend shooting only one arrow.  This may seem crazy but it will allow you to focus on that one shot, verses racing through the normal 3-5 arro
    2. Start at 20yds and stay there until you are consistent then walk back to 30yds and do the same. Every time you shoot start at 20yds and walk back, this will give you consistency and extend your range in the field.
  4. Consistency!
    1. In everything you do as you practice be consistent so that when the day comes for you take the shot from your stand it will be second nature.
  5. Get out and get in the Game!
    1. I know its hot, and the skeeters are swarming, but you will learn a lot about the wildlife in your area if you get out and watch from a distance and at times slip into a stand for a sit.

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