Game Calls

For me using calls to draw game in is very exciting and full of anticipation.

I remember a coyote hunt with one of my buddies.  He had just picked up one of those all in one electronic calls with sound cards and remotes.  So we went out to a track of land where we had been seeing several coyotes.  It was in the afternoon and we were getting set for and evening hunt. We got to what we thought would be a great place to set up, put the call out then took our places along the edge of the clearing. We let things settle a bit then began to call. I think we were both on the edge of our seats with anticipation. Then suddenly after about an hour of off and on calling with no response, I hear the strangest sound.  It was an elk bugle followed by a cow, a goat, a bear, a moose, duck, goose and so on.  My first thought was that my buddy had lost it, then I just had to laugh thinking that if there were coyotes in the area they were about to come running to eat at the new buffet. Needless to say we were not successful at communicating during this hunt.

What would happen if you tried to use a turkey call while duck hunting? Or a duck call when deer hunting? More tan likely your attempt to communicate with the target game will be a unsuccessful as well.

We as men need to be sure that we are using the right call to communicate with those around us, especially our wives and children.  And just as important we need to make sure that we hear their calls when communicating with us.  Sometimes what they say is not what we hear and vise versa.  Make sure to use the right call for the target and to continue to build strong relationships to be successful and in the Game!


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